Mr. Thomas Windmuller

Served the global airline industry in a broad cross-section of positions over the past 23 years. Thomas is the former Senior Vice President of IATA’s Airport, Passenger, Cargo, Security and Ground Handling, He was also SVP for IATA Member airlines and industry partners around the world. Thomas came to IATA after a career in the U.S Government’s diplomatic service during which he was responsible for U.S aviation relations with the European Union and for the U.S aviation security policy. He also served as the U.S Civil Air Attaché at the U.S Embassy to the Federal Republic of Germany. Thomas is a graduate of Cornell University and holds a master’s degree in Economics and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Fletcher University.
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WAF’s Executive Committee:

Dr. Nasim Zaidi, President, 2021-2022
Mr. Girma Wake, First Vice President, 2021-2022
Mr. Jalal Haidar, Managing Director & Acting CEO
Mr. Vijay Poonoosamy, COO & Representative to ICAO, IATA and ACI
Captain Edward Davidson, Representative to the US National Transportation Safety Board
Captain Moh’d Aziz, Representative, MENA Region
Mr. Jan Philipp Goertz, Representative to the European Commission
Mr. David Soucie, Representative to the US FAA and EASA
Dr. Vahid Motevalli, Academic Affairs & the Aviation Human Capital Bank


WAF Associates conduct policy analysis, research, and initiate professional discussion forums in collaboration with partners from government, industry, regional and international bodies and academia.

Article 13 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation:

The laws and regulations of a Contracting State as to the admission to or departure from its territory of passengers, crew, or cargo of aircraft, such as regulations relating to entry, clearance, immigration, passports, customs, and quarantine shall be complied with by or on behalf of such passengers, crew or cargo upon entrance into or departure from, or while within the territory of that State.